NOVO Health Services, the healthcare industry's leading linen management company that puts patients first, opened its Miami plant in January of 2022. Earlier this month, TRSA reported that the facility is "thriving", promoting safety and the employee experience, and processing up to 140,000 lbs. of healthcare laundry each day.

Currently the 80,000-square-foot plant has 186 employees and is running two shifts each day, six days per week, with many of its team members coming from now closed CSI, formerly managed by NOVO. In an effort to retain the strongest employees in the current labor market, NOVO's newest plant focuses on its employees and strives for staff comfort in the hot conditions of South Florida by providing cooling pipes and a continuous flow of cool air at each workstation. Additionally, the high-tech plant features advanced automation and a unique layout aimed at avoiding production bottlenecks, ensuring operational efficiency inside the facility.

While bottlenecks are common in industrial linen facilities, and typically occur in the dryer areas according to Shane Ledbetter, senior vice president of operations for NOVO Health Services, this new, state-of-the-art facility has been designed to avoid them. At the Miami facility, the dryers are located parallel to the tunnels rather than at the ends in a U-shape configuration, which keeps production at the soil end of the plant running without interruption. As Ledbetter notes, "We’re able to keep that pipeline of product going to the dryers. Even if we were to have a dryer outage, we don’t have to shut down soil sort.”

Efficiency is key to keeping costs down and ensuring its customers, which include both acute and sub-acute healthcare facilities, receive their orders in a timely manner. NOVO Health Service focuses on its customers' patient and staff satisfaction as well as infection prevention, offering healthcare linen facilities across the U.S. that are all HLAC accredited and operate with state-of-the-art equipment and processing.

NOVO is the only “one stop shop” service provider in the U.S. currently serving all healthcare-related end markets with both healthcare laundry services as well as sterilized reusable surgical solutions. To learn more about NOVO Health Services and the other services and products it offers, please visit the NOVO website.

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