hybrid preference pack 2 450x384SRI Healthcare, LLC a Subsidiary of Novo Health Services offers a product portfolio of Class I & II Medical Devices of reusable surgical gowns, towels, sheets, drapes, back table & Mayo stand covers, and stainless basins are best-in-class with the highest quality, comfort, and protection.

Light Table LongSRI Instrument Processing program takes the burden off your CS department and will, pick up, deliver, decontaminate, inspect, package and sterilize reusable surgical instruments.

These products are reprocessed by highly skilled and tenured employees, in FDA-regulated, state-of-the-art facilities, using efficient, computerized, and automated custom designed equipment. Our rigorous quality assurance program ensures that every piece of linen and each instrument is 100% inspected, using our light table and other inspection processes, all product is tested before pack assembly, sterilization, and distribution to your OR.

We use our patented RFID technology in our linen products to ensure quality control of barrier performance, by performing test requirements at specified cycle intervals. This testing ensures that you are receiving the appropriate protection with every product. Additionally, this process minimizes the need for unnecessary additional processing, thus reducing chemical usage while saving water and energy.

Pack building 1 3Our reprocessing facilities often retrieve hospital instruments that have been accidentally thrown into our custom green hampers. NOVO’s services include a process for identifying and returning these instruments, helping you avoid unnecessary replacement costs.

Instrument Processing

SRI’s has a reputation as an early innovator of outsourced instrument processing. An outsourced solution will help to eliminate the bottlenecks in processing based on inadequate staffing times or equipment availability, reduce the cost of redundant disposable instruments, eliminate the cost of repairs, and improve overall quality – reducing complaints from the OR.  SRI’s program includes delivery, pick up, decontamination, packaging, and sterilization of the Instruments.

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