NOVO Bed LinensScrubs

Always have scrubs available when and where you need them.  Novo’s scrub distribution machine assigns the RFID chips to each wearer, and they only get credit if the same piece is returned. This allows tracking down to the most granular level and assures only issued scrubs are returned for credit.  The machine also contributes to infection prevention forcing employees to follow protocols.


NOVO Bed Linens

Isolation Gowns

Reusable Isolation Gowns ensure continuity of supply while protecting the environment and provides savings for the hospital. Isolation Gowns are a Non-Surgical medical device intended to protect the wearer from the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations such as blood draw, suturing, in the Intensive Care Unit. 


NOVO Bed Linens

Warm Up Jackets

  • Made from a soft, comfortable cotton-rich fabric blend
  • Double pockets on front
  • Knitted wrists
  • Unisex