environmental stewardshipInvesting in Sustainable Methods

At NOVO, we constantly strive to provide the lowest long-term costs to our partners and communities. To us this means going beyond short direct impact to our costs of operations and extends to our impact on the communities we serve. Focusing on our environmental impact will drive our long-term costs down as well benefiting the health and economic prosperity of the communities that we serve.

NOVO’s plants use the latest technologies available to drive the lowest water and energy consumption possible.

  • This includes ratio metric washing systems that perfectly match the amount of water and chemicals needed for every single batch.
  • We also deploy cutting edge Ozone generators in our wash process that reduce the amount of chemicals needed while also improving quality and disinfection rates.
  • Our plants utilize heat reclaiming systems on our wastewater to heat up the incoming water.
  • Our Ironing lines use the latest internal heating systems as opposed to centralized steam that reduce energy consumption by over 30%.
  • High Pressure Vapor based cart washers that use hypocaloric acid ensure heightened levels of infection prevention while reducing water consumption and the amount of chemicals in our wastewater.
  • We deploy a fleet of trucks that are all less than 5 years old and utilize the latest environmental safety features as well as best in class fuel efficiency.