Our cThe answer is simplelients deal with complicated issues

We strive to provide simple support and solutions, but what does it take to achieve simplicity? Well, a lot. Every linen that passes through our facilities has a story: from the threads that wove it, the suds that cleaned it, the nurse who uses it as a tool in her arsenal, and the patient who experiences the care in their moment of need.

For all your acute and subacute linen and garment needs, the answer is simple.

Our Simple Solutions

Simple offers a diverse range of top-tier linens, from crisp Linens to modern-style Scrubs, comfortable Robes and Gowns, and luxury Spa Linen and Curtains. Our commitment to quality is evident in every product, including our high-performance Microfibers.

From ambulatory surgery centers to physical therapy hubs, med spas to dermatology clinics, Simple is the trusted linen partner across diverse healthcare sectors. Our dedication extends beyond just providing linens. We believe in offering a serene and effortless linen experience, setting the tone for more tranquil environments for everyone involved.

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